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Whether you’re setting up a landing page for the first time or the billionth time, it’s easy to forget something.

Though it’s just one page on your website, there are lots of moving parts you need to juggle. Some of those moving parts are more important than others -if they get dropped in the chaos, you will lose out on valuable conversions.

To make sure the ball doesn’t get dropped on their landing pages, people have lots of ways of coping. One of the best ways to make sure you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted all your i’s on a landing page is to have a checklist handy of all the things you can’t forget to do.

That way, anytime you want to publish a landing page, you can do a quick scan of all the optimization essentials to make sure you’ve accounted for them, and move on your merry way.

Get your FREE landing page checklist

If you want a checklist to help you streamline your landing page creation and optimization processes, keep on reading.

We’ll outline the essential elements you need to have on your landing page before you hit publish, broken up into three categories: the content on the page, the design of the page, and the user experience of the page.

We’ll even show you some class-leading examples so you can see who’s doing it right.

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