Website Design

A new website should be about much more than just refreshing the design.  For most businesses, investing in a new website is a major decision and the result needs to deliver for you.

Our approach to web design focusses on creating websites that engage your visitors and drive them to action.

Focussed on delivering results

By identifying clear and measureable objectives at the start of the project, and agreeing specific metrics, it means everyone is clear about what the website should do – and you can be sure that your site is going to deliver what you need.

Defined success criteria also make it easy to demonstrate that the project has delivered the planned return on investment down the line.

Research-driven design

Your website needs to immediately engage your customers, so understanding your target market is critical to making your website perform. Customer research, user testing and competitor analysis means you can understand your customer needs, learn what appeals to them and get a design that works.

Testing the designs and functionality with real users means you can understand how customers perceive the website and see how they’ll react – reducing the chance of expensive mistakes and optimising your site’s performance.

It’s all about the content

Customers come to your website for information rather than the design, so we start with getting the messaging right – tailoring the content and layout to your customers – and only then creating a design that fits the site.

This content first approach means you can be confident that you’re site is going to work – rather than just look pretty.

Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

Jeffrey Feldman

Naturally Search Engine friendly

A new website isn’t a going to magically push you to the top of Google, but making sure that it’s engineered properly and meets search engine’s latest guidelines can make a huge difference to the way it performs.

Our expertise in Search Engine Optimisation ensures that you’ll wring every last bit of SEO juice from your new site – from conducting keyword research to incorporate into the page structure to managing the go-live process – keeping search engines happy is a key focus.

If you’re looking for a website that will transform your business’ performance online, get in touch and have a chat.

We’d love to find out about your business and discuss ways we can create something fantastic.