Search Engine Optimisation

Appearing top of Search Engine results is a holy grail for many businesses – guaranteeing a healthy flow of free traffic to your website.

Intense competition and the continuous shifts of search engine’s algorithms have combined to make achieving this a difficult task. With Search Engine Optimisation techniques constantly evolving, investing the necessary time to make an impact and to stay on top of best practice has become a real challenge for most businesses.

Many approaches that were championed by SEO experts a few years ago are now frowned upon by Search Engines – and being caught taking an outdated (and now forbidden) approach can earn you a significant penalty that will push you well down the search results.

Working with a specialist agency who dedicates time to understanding and testing search engine behaviour, and developing strategies to outperform your competition, means that you can focus on what you do best.

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Investment in SEO delivers strong returns

Search engine optimisation has been shown to deliver great returns. 72% of business owners that invested in an SEO strategy felt it improved their bottom line, and studies have shown that SEO leads have on average a fantastic 14.6% conversion rate.

Whilst Search Engine Optimisation can take a little time to start delivering results, an effective SEO campaign delivers a stream of free traffic that continues long after the campaign has been completed – making the ROI from Search Engine Optimisation work extremely strong.

It also, however, provides an opportunity to outperform your competitors – every click you gain from improved natural search performance is one that your competitor doesn’t receive.

Trust Curious

There are lots of companies offering SEO services out there. Here are four reasons why you should trust us to deliver and effective SEO programme:

  1. Clear Strategy: We’ll set out a coherent plan to deliver your objectives – so you know exactly what we’re planning to do and how it will deliver great results for you.
  2. Open transparent advice: We believe it’s important to share knowledge to deliver ongoing value for our clients. We’ll provide you with up to date information  on shifting search engine algorithms as well as clear, actionable advice on best practices.
  3. No “black box”: We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors. We let you know exactly what we’re doing to improve your search engine performance, so you can be confident that you’re getting what you’re paying for.
  4. Strong Google Relationship: As Google Adwords Certified Partners, we have access to a range of tools and resources that give us unique insight into search behaviour in your market. Our Google Account Manager can provide us with in-depth industry research to target our focus in exactly the right place to give maximum bang for your buck

Problem with your Search Engine performance?

Has your traffic from search engines fallen dramatically? Have you been told that you’ve had a penalty applied to your website?

We’ve got a strong track record of working with customers to identify and repair problems and rebuilding trust between them and the search engines.

If you think you’ve got a problem with your website, get in touch for a website review and we’ll give you a free report on your website’s performance setting out opportunities for improvement.

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