Photo of a can of spam

How to clean up spam traffic from your website analytics

Have you noticed strange traffic patterns in your analytics reporting? Massive spikes in traffic that don’t relate to any of your marketing activity or are you sitting back wondering why what appear to be thousands of visitors aren’t translating to new business? It could well be that all isn’t as it seems and that you’re …

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John Lewis' Man on the Moon Ad - connects with emotions

Story Telling – The Art of Emotional Marketing

If you’ve been on social media today there’s probably one thing that’s dominating your feed – The John Lewis Christmas Advert. In case you haven’t seen it, it goes a little something like this:   A little girl is looking through a telescope where she spots a man on the moon. He seems a bit …

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Apparently unrelated things become interesting when we start fitting them together

“Apparently unrelated things become interesting when we start fitting them together.”

John Kouwenhoven, Mathematician

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Scary Stories as told by Website Analytics

4 ways clever business owners watch their websites’ visitors Google Analytics is the ever-present Personal Investigator for your website: Secretly watching who’s watching you! Peering through the looking glass of the web. Recording what people see, where they go and how often. Watching users’ behaviour, so you can manipulate their path to where YOU want …

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Landing Page Mistakes Infographic

9 Landing Page mistakes that lose you business – Infographic

Copyblogger has put this nice infographic together that we thought was worth sharing. Creating a powerful landing page can transform your conversion rates from a fraction of a percentage into a completely different league (we’ve delivered improvements of thousands of percent in some cases). Take a look at some of the traps you could be falling into with …

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Carousels: Why most websites have got it wrong

As you browse through the majority of websites on the Internet, they have quite a typical format: the name of the website at the top of the page; the navigation in a strip underneath; and then, below that, a full width block containing a series of images that take turns appearing on the screen: These ‘carousels’, ‘imagesliders’, …

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Mobilegeddon: Early winners and losers

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Nearly half of FTSE 100 face ‘Mobilegeddon’

Back in February, Google announced that, from April 21st, it would increase the importance of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in its mobile search algorithm. In short, they gave website owners an ultimatum: fix your mobile user experience. We’re now just one week away from the date their algorithm change takes effect and it’s clear that a significant number …

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2015 – Year of the Mobile: Infographic

We recently ran a Google Hangout where some of Google’s senior team shared the latest trends and insights on mobile search behaviour – and some of the headlines were truly startling – the speed of change surprising even us. To help share this data, we’ve put together an infographic which captures some of the key headlines. We think …

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#MobileMadness – Is your site mobile-friendly?

We’ve seen two pretty clear signals in the last week that, if you’ve not already done it, now is the time to embrace mobile as a fundamental part of your online strategy. Firstly, Google provided us with some powerful data on mobile search behaviour (that we thought would be great to share) and secondly, on …

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The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes

"The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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My favourite website in the world – and what we can learn from it

There are many great websites out there, but this is my favourite - for all the wrong reasons. Take a look and see what lessons it can teach you.

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Stop focussing on edge cases

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DNS: what is it and why you really should care

Here’s a couple of quick questions for you: Do you have control of your web domain and DNS? We explain why it's so important that you do - and how to check.

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Boy with coat

Why you need to put yourself in your customers shoes

“My mother says she’s cold and then makes me put on a coat” Chris came across this quote above the other day and posted it on our blog as it made her chuckle. Reading it I thought that, despite it being attributed to ‘Colin, aged 7’, it could have equally been applied to myself around …

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